Psychometric Consultancy

Colin Cooper PhD

I was until recently Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Queen's University of Belfast, but moved to Picton , Ontario, Canada in May 2012. I have published extensively in the areas of personality, human abilities, moods, and psychometric theory. My books include Individual Differences (now in its 3rd edition), Intelligence and Abilities (2nd edition to be published in 2013) and Test the Nation: The IQ Book. A psychometrics book is "work in progress". I have also published 70+ papers and chapters in academic journals plus reviews of psychometric tests in the prestigious Mental Measurement Yearbooks.

I am an associate editor of the international journal Personality and Individual Differences, regularly review manuscripts for national and international journals, review book proposals for a wide range of publishers, and review research proposals for organisations such as the UK and Qatar research councils.

Please feel free to request my full curriculum vitae and an outline of current research interests.

You may know my face from the BBC TV Test the Nation programmes.  I devised and standardised the intelligence tests that were at the heart of the four BBC National IQ Test programmes, and appeared live on these shows. An online version of one of the intelligence tests is still available here, should you wish to assess your own intelligence/IQ.  I also devised and standardised the test for the Irish version of Test the Nation, and appeared twice on the Japanese version of the show. I have appeared regularly on national and regional television and radio programmes, normally talking about personality, intelligence or psychological assessment issues.

I spent six years (2003-2009) as Director of Education in the School of Psychology, with responsibility for all aspects of curriculum design, delivery, assessment and quality control.  I was also external examiner at the universities of Edinburgh, the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, and Anglia Ruskin University.  I have been external examiner for 20+ PhDs worldwide and have successfully supervised some 15-20 PhD students myself. I also devised and wrote a distance-learning course in individual differences.  I therefore have considerable experience of education and learning issues at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

My consultancy work normally falls into one of five main areas:-

  • Design and development of psychological tests for personnel work or broadcasting; development of broadcasting ideas
  • Evaluation of individual tests, selection systems and proposals - e.g., for adverse impact, book proposals, etc.
  • Training professionals and practitioners in psychometrics, statistics, and individual differences
  • Writing distance-learning materials
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of data.

I am always happy to talk over any proposals in these areas, or in other fields that build on my knowledge and experience.  In addition, I am experienced in numerical analysis, multivariate statistics and programming as my research interests include the development of novel methods of multivariate analysis (factor analysis).

Do please contact me if you need a well-qualified expert or consultant with a sound theoretical appreciation of mental measurement and a keen interest in applying these principles to real-life problems. Either e-mail or click for phone details.

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